The Dreaded Sweat: the Other Medieval Epidemic
May 2014. History Today. London.
Less than a century after the infamous Black Death pummeled Europe, the English Sweating Sickness spread across northern Europe. Although magnitudes fewer people died compared to the Black Death, the illness was apparently more deadly in that victims died within 24 hours by sweating to death. With modern science and testimonials from 15th century Europe, today's researchers endeavor to learn more about the inexplicable etiology of this strange pandemic. Two culprits are emerging: hantavirus and anthrax.

A Precarious Partnership of Pine and Bird.
Winter 2014. American Forests. Washington, DC.
Whitebark pines are approaching the brink of extinction, caused by two major factors: mountain pine beetles and a disease called white pine blister rust, both of which are bolstered by climate change.

Secrets of Overwintering Plants.
Winter 2013. The Gardener for the Prairies. Saskatoon.
Recently researchers have made breakthroughs on the genetic pathway of cold tolerance in plants, and on how GMOs that incorporate these genes could prevent global crop loss.

Anne Sees the Dead.
October 2013. Morpheus Tales 22. London.
Horror short fiction about a corrupt NGO board member in Haiti who is driven to madness by the spirits of those who died in the 2010 disasters.